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General Infinite Objects Video Print FAQ

What are Infinite Objects?

We call them Video Prints.Infinite Objects Video Prints turn on in your hand when you take them out of the box, like magic. We make the most elegantly designed video frames with the simplest possible user experience. No setup required!. You can Print

What sizes do you offer?

Dimensions of our objects are as follows:. More information can be found on our Product Specifications page.

Can I make my own Infinite Object?

Yes! We have an online tool for your to upload and design your own custom Video Print. You can find here. From weddings, your kids' first steps, graduation, or even your dogs TikTok - We Print Video for you to enjoy that content outside of a phone or

How much do Infinite Objects cost?

Pricing is determined by the size, material, and content of the selected object. For personal video prints, pricing is as follows:. For Art or NFT prints, pricing depends on the content you are purchasing. All artists, creators, and IP holders earn a

Do Video Prints play audio?

No. We designed Infinite Objects to be "always on" moving images for a few reasons.

Can I change the art?

No. Infinite Objects are the same as a framed poster, print, or photograph -- but for video. Each object has been permanently treated with the content it holds. You are not buying a gadget; you are collecting a video.

How long does a Video Print play?

Your Video Print is playing on an infinite loop. The content itself can be anywhere from a few seconds to 24 hours! As soon as it ends, it will loop again. Just be sure to keep your object plugged in, as the battery lasts about two hours when fully c

What's included in the box?

Included with every Infinite Objects Video Print is a magsafe-style power cable and a 5V power supply (US plug, 100-240V compatible). All of our XL (10" LCD Display) units also include an Acrylic Stand in the box. Check out our Product Specifications

How long does your product last?

The LCD display components in your Video Print are rated for 5 years lifetime of being always-on. However, our products come with a 1-year Manufacturer Warranty. Please visit our Returns and Refunds page to learn more, or reach out to us at support@i

How much power do Infinite Objects consume?

When fully charged, Infinite Objects have about 2 hours of battery life. However, they're meant to be a part of your space, always plugged in on your coffee table, bookshelf, or desk. Our small sizes (IO5) typically take about 1 hour of being plugged

Do or will you ever make a square Infinite Object?

Our core products are similar to photo frames and most mobile video content -- they are 16:9 (or 9:16 in portrait). There are also lots of ways you could edit your square video to make it look great on an IO. Check out our creator tool to play around