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What are Street Fighter™️ Infinite Objects?Updated a month ago

We've partnered with CAPCOM® to bring you officially licensed Street Fighter™ Video Prints. These next-generation collectibles feature rotating Outfits or character Super Moves, looping infinitely for your coffee table, desk, or bookshelf.

An Infinite Object is a display designed to loop one video permanently. There are no buttons, no connectivity, no app, and no updates. Just one video, looping infinitely.

We call them Video Prints.

Infinite Objects Video Prints turn on in your hand when you take them out of the box, like magic. We make the most elegantly designed video frames with the simplest possible user experience. No setup required!

You can Print Your Own Video or explore our collection of Video Art, perfect for fans,  collectors, and connoisseurs of the modern and beautiful. We also work with NFT projects and communities to bring their collections IRL.

More questions? Check out our FAQ.  

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