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Do Video Prints play audio?Updated a year ago

No. We designed Infinite Objects to be "always on" moving images for a few reasons.

  1. We would need to include a button, switch, or knob to let you toggle the audio on off and control volume. This turns our design object into a tech gadget, and we are not that! We're proud to offer the only display product in the world that has zero required interface. Our product turns on in your hands when you take it out of the box; no on/off or configuration required. We love magic.
  2. The dimensional size of our product means the speaker would have to be tiny. This means very poor audio quality. The only thing worse than something playing audio 24/7 in your home, is something sounding terrible in your home 24/7.
  3. We've worked with many artists who have an audio component to their visual piece. No problem! Our scannable QR code solutions create ways to pair an Infinite Objects Video Print to an audio/visual/metaverse/game/web app experience. Have an idea? Let's chat! 
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