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What does it mean to “print” an NFT?Updated 2 years ago

Our Video Prints are designed to be a physical reproduction of an NFT. Our Authenticated prints are the most beautiful way to show off your favorite NFTs, in an immutable design object that is uniquely customized to reference your NFT on the blockchain. 

Each Authenticated NFT Print from Infinite Objects features a unique QR code on the back that links directly to your token on-chain. This way you can prove your ownership anytime, just by scanning the back of your print. 

It’s important for us that only collectors who have authenticated their ownership are able to order a print and enjoy the NFT in the real-world. It’s equally important that the creator of the NFT can be paid a royalty when a print of their work is sold, if they wish.

After a collector authenticates themselves as the owner of an NFT by an Artist who has signed the IO Artist Registry Smart Contract, they will have the right to print their NFT in the form of an Authenticated Infinite Objects NFT Print.

All Authenticated IO NFT Prints include a unique serial identifier in the form of a QR code that links the digital to the physical.

Being able to authenticate your ownership from the physical is equally exciting as enjoying your beautiful piece in IRL. When you scan the QR code, it will take you to the token on-chain, where you can see that YOU own this exact token.

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