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Printing Your Moment

How do I print an NBA Top Shot Moment?

Very easy:. And that's it!

Do I have to own a Moment to print it?

Yes! All of our NBA Top Shot Video Prints are authenticated. This means that we verify your ownership so that only collectors of any moment are able to print it. The QR code on the backside of your unit will point to the exact Moment and Edition Numb

Which Moments can I print?

You can print any NBA Top Shot Moment that you own, except:. We're working on licensing these Moments for printing as well, check back soon for updates!. Have more questions? Check out the Infinite Objects Top Shot FAQ.

Can I print the same moment more than once?

Yes, after authenticating your ownership and adding a Moment to your Shopping Cart, you can change the quantity before checking out.

Can my print hold more than one Moment?

Today, every Infinite Objects Video Print holds a single NBA Top Shot Moment. The backside of your print contains a unique QR code that links directly to your moment.

Can I print a Moment Set or Showcase on one IO?

Today our Authenticated NBA Top Shot Video Prints are designed to display one moment per Video Print. The QR code on the back points to the exact Moment Edition Number that you provably own. In the future we'll offer the ability to print Moment Sets