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General Top Shot FAQ

Are Top Shot Video Prints authentic NBA Merchandise?

Yes! We worked with the NBA, the NBA Player's Association, NBALAB, and Dapper Labs to secure genuine NBA licensing for Infinite Objects NBA Top Shot Video Prints. On the backside of your Video Print you will see the official NBA logo, as well as holo

Where does the QR code point to?

The QR code on the backside of your Video Print links to the exact Moment Edition Number that you own on the blockchain. This is how you can verify exactly what Moment and Edition Number you are holding in your hand, and verify its ownership and valu

What happens if I sell my Moment?

Nothing. Because you owned your Moment at the time of printing, you'll always have a physical print to enjoy. However, the QR code will always point to the exact edition - meaning, when you go to verify the authenticity of that Moment, anyone will be

Can I change the Moment after I receive my Print?

No. Video prints are permanent and immutable - just like the blockchain. We've created a physical expression of a single NFT - the backside is permanently treated with metadata of your Moment, and so is the video itself. It's analogous to a framed po