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Purchase and Claim

Info on how to claim your IO Membership NFT

What is the IO Membership NFT?

Since our first collaboration with Beeple in 2020, we’ve worked with our community to create partnerships and products that add value for creators and collectors alike. The IO Membership 2022 NFT is your access to the community who will help guide ou

How do I purchase an IO Membership NFT?

To purchase an IO Membership NFT and Physical Twin, simply head to the Public Sale Page, click on "Collect Now", enter your shipping information, and check out. You will receive email instructions on how to complete your claim. Learn more about:

What are the accepted forms of payment?

You can pay for the IO Membership NFT in USD or using Cryptocurrency. We accept ETH, BTC, or USDC. To submit payment in crypto, select Coinbase Commerce on the last page of your checkout process. More info can be found here.

What is the price and is it in ETH or USD?

The IO Membership NFT price is $499 or the equivalent in crypto. You can select the method of payment at checkout. Simply select "Coinbase Commerce" to pay in ETH, BTC, or USDC.

What are the next steps after I purchase my membership?

1) After completing checkout, you will receive 2 emails:. 2) Claim your NFT. 3) The artwork and rarity will be revealed to you upon claiming the token. Related: Can I pick which Piece I Receive?. 4) An Infinite Objects NFT Video Print of your Members