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Questions related to IO Membership NFT

How many tokens are there?

The full edition size of this piece is 2,022, with 1,800 being allocated for public sale, and 222 being distributed to artists, team, and partners.

How many art variations are there?

There are 25 different variations associated with different rarities.

Can I pick which piece I receive?

No. Your membership NFT's traits and artwork are randomly assigned and will be revealed to you upon claiming the token. Just like any NFT mint, you do not get to select token traits. You are welcome to explore collecting any specific Artwork variatio

What are the NFT specs?

Contract Address: 0xad893cb3361e363c3d276af00470b50579e247bf. Blockchain: Ethereum. Token Standard: ERC-721. Physical Twin: Custom Large Infinite Objects NFT Print