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What NFTs can I print?Updated a year ago

We strive to be a blockchain agnostic company and want you to be able to purchase Authenticated NFT Prints from everywhere in Web3. Today we support:

After authenticating with MetaMask (ETH) or Dapper Wallet (NBA Top Shot), you'll see all of your video NFTs previewed as Infinite Objects. There are a number of factors which go into determining if an NFT is printable.

Ethereum L1 NFTs

  • The NFT must be in the wallet you logged in with.
  • The creator of the NFT must have granted permission to their collectors to print their work via the IO Artist Registry Smart Contract. We are creator-centric in all of our decisions, so their participation in allowing printability is important to us. Creators decide how much their prints should cost, and also enable or disable your ability to print more than one physical copy of your NFT.
  • An NFT is also printable if the NFT is created by a project that grants NFT owners commercial or reproduction rights (CC0, CC1, or similar). If you own an NFT from a project that does this but it is NOT printable in our webapp, please reach out and we will enable printability. 
  • We support NFTs with the following file types: MP4 (video), JPG, PNG, APNG, GIF. 
  • Which wallets are supported?
Printability StatusDescription

The creator of this NFT has not signed our NFT Artist Registry. We require this to print an NFT, you can read more here. Tweet at the creator and let them know you'd like to print their work!
The creator of this NFT has signed our Artist Registry contract and elected to disallow printing of their work by their collectors.
The creator of this NFT has signed our Artist Registry contract and elected to only allow 1 print per owner. This status will surface when that print has already been created by you, the owner.
The filetype of this NFT is not currently supported for printing. Check back soon as we will support more in the future.
This NFT is "broken".  The original asset is missing from the token metadata or unaccessible from the asset URL in the token. 
No creator address is included in the token metadata. You will still be able to print this NFT, but no creator will receive a royalty on the sale.


NBA Top Shot

  • Your Top Shot Moments must be in the Dapper Wallet that you authenticated with.
  • We have a license from the NBA and NBA Player's Association that allows us to print all Moments except WNBA and retired players.

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