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What are the IO Membership NFT perks?Updated 2 years ago

The IO Membership NFT perks include:

  • A free Infinite Objects NFT Print of your IO Membership NFT
    • In the coming months, your physical will unlock redemption technology allowing you to claim NFT airdrops and access digital experiences from the IO Print.
    • Note: The Free IO NFT Print perk is only available to primary market collectors, purchasing their NFT from us during our Public Sale. Secondary Market collectors can purchase an IO Print from our Print Your Ethereum web app.
  • Curatorial Voting
    • Help us select emerging artists for upcoming drops and initiatives like artist grants and programming.
  • First access to Drops on the Infinite Objects NFT Marketplace
    • The only physical-first NFT Marketplace launching soon!
  • First access to our PFP→IRL initiative.
  • Access to worldwide IRL events 
    • IO Membership NFT holders will have a chance to attend events from Art Basel, NFT.NYC, NFT.Paris, and more.
  • …and more to be announced!
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