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How much will I receive in royalties when my NFTs are printed?Updated 2 years ago

The royalty you earn depends on your price tier selection made when signing the Artist Registry Smart Contract.  If you select Tier 0, you are providing permission for your collectors to create Video Prints of your work with no additional royalty cost to them. For all other tiers, you will earn additional revenue at the royalty amounts shown in the charts below.

  • We offer NFT Video Prints in the Acrylic Small, Large, and X-Large product sizes.
  • Price point is what your collector will pay to print your video NFT.
  • Hard cost is the base cost of the hardware materials of the video print.
  • IO fee is an 8% service charge
  • Royalty is what you, the Artist, make on every print of your work sold. This is calculated by subtracting hard cost + IO fee from the Price point paid by your collector.

IO5 Small

 Price pointHard costIO feeRoyalty
Tier 0$120$120-$0
Tier 1$220$120$18$82
Tier 2$350$120$28$202
Tier 3$600$120$48$432


IO7 Large

 Price pointHard costIO feeRoyalty
Tier 0$150$150-$0
Tier 1$300$150$24$126
Tier 2$500$150$40$310
Tier 3$1,000$150$80$770


IO10 X-Large

 Price pointHard costIO feeRoyalty
Tier 0$300$300-$0
Tier 1$500$300$40$160
Tier 2$1,000$300$80$620
Tier 3$1,500$300$120$1,080
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