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How do I use my Gift Card Perk on a purchase today?

Follow the steps below to utilize your IO Membership Gift Card Perk on a purchase you're making today.

  1. Make sure you own an IO Membership NFT and it's in a MetaMask wallet you have access to.
  2. If there is anything in your Cart at this moment, click "Clear Cart" to make sure you're starting fresh.
  3. Head to the Gift Card Claim page to pick up this month's $100 Gift Card and complete your free checkout. Be sure that nothing else is in your Cart when completing this checkout. This will generate a code that will be emailed to you.
  4. Check your email to receive the Gift Card Code. 
  5. Head to and add some fresh prints to your cart! If you're a Chromie Squiggle owner, head here to authenticate your ownership and click Add To Cart.
  6. On the first page of the Checkout Process, enter your Gift Card Code (blue box below) and click "Apply" 

Why Does it work this way?

When we launched the IO Membership NFT and announced the Monthly Gift Card Perk, we were immediately asked by many of you: "Can I combine the Discounts?" We're always listening to our community and customer feedback, so we worked on the most streamlined Web3 solution.

The only way to ensure that a monthly claim would work properly with a token-gated authentication process in a way that allows our collectors to stack the discounts over time was to utilize a Gift Card claim process as outlined above. 

You can stack as many Gift Cards as you have (you can claim 1 per month per IO Membership NFT) and they never expire. You can find even more information about Membership perks here.

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