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How do I claim my NFT after purchase?Updated 2 years ago

1) After completing checkout of an IO Physical + NFT Bundle, you will receive 2 emails:

  • The first is a confirmation that your purchase transaction was successfully completed.
  • The second will contain a link to claim your NFT directly to a MetaMask wallet.
    • You will receive the claim email within 24 hours of a successful purchase transaction, usually it will arrive near instantly after completing your purchase. 

2) Claim your NFT

  • The claim process requires that you already have a MetaMask wallet.
  • Click on the "Claim My Membership NFT" button from the claim email.
  • You will need to have enough Ethereum to pay for a simple NFT token transfer.
    • We have saved you the majority of gas fees by pre-minting your NFT.
    • The claim process is simply a token transfer from our deployer wallet to yours. Typically this will cost ~0.02 ETH in Gas or less, depending on network activity at that moment. 
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