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Does the Video Print replace my NFT?Updated 2 years ago

Our Authenticated NFT Prints will never replace the digital asset, which will always live on-chain. What you are holding is a physical replica that permanently references the exact token it represents.

If you sell your NFT to a secondary collector, you’ll always have the physical to show off because you once owned and authenticated your ownership of that token. Scanning the QR code will now let you see how much you sold it for, how much you bought it for, and when it was minted — data that will always live on the blockchain.

The new owner will have the option to also print this NFT, however, their QR will be unique from yours. That’s because we are recording the “Print Edition” number that you are holding. Your QR represents “Print #1” of that exact NFT. In the future, we’ll surface this data and make your physical even more valuable.

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